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Dawn InfoTek Inc. is an international consulting firm that provides Information Technology solutions and expertise to domestic and international clients.  Our solutions are focused on several mission critical business areas:


Application Performance Management (APM):

Our Application Quality Assurance (AQA) suite of solutions covers the entire APM solution set. Our Synthetic Transaction Monitor is unique in the market, as it tests past the load balancer, right to the JVM, cloud instance or .Net instance. This key application is surrounded by other AQA applications to provide a complete APM solution package.


Staffing Solutions:

We have a focused team of people that provide staffing for our APM solution. We can run the APM solution for the clients that invest in this solution. We also take the experience further and provide full staffing for other business and technical requirements.


Custom Developments:

Based on our experiences with our clients, we are often asked to provide a custom written software solution. These projects often complement our existing AQA solution set. If you have a particularly difficult business issue, we have the people, processes and experience to build an appropriate solution.


Please feel free to reach out to us at any time to discuss the experience and solutions at Dawn InfoTek. We can be reached at sales@dawninfotek.com


Established in 1997 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Dawn InfoTek Inc. is a full range IT and consulting Service Company providing software solutions, IT consulting services, and IT staffing services to customers on a global basis. We provide leading end-to-end customized solutions that redefines the impossible.


We have the skill and expertise required to create a complete solution for your organization, from front-end consulting and planning, to custom design and even implementation.

Our software architects and skilled project managers can handle any J2EE-based project, building from their solid understanding of J2EE best-practices, and extensive experience with complex software projects.

We know that building a solution is not the sole job. We also provide proper documentation of the build process and facilitate complete knowledge transfer from our team to yours.


At Dawn InfoTek our success is measured not only through the successful implementation of our solutions but, also by your ability to maintain and operate your new solution.

Please take a look at our current solutions to find out how we can help you.

Software Solutions
Application Quality Assurance (AQA) Suite consisting of:

  • Synthetic Transaction Monitoring – “Smoke Test, Health Check, Prod Monitoring”
  • Code Scan – “Rule Compliance, Quality, Security, Shift-Left Quality”
  • TxDataEngine – “API and Data Virtualization for SOAP, RESTful and IMS/CICS, Shift-Left Performance”
  • easyNotification – “Production monitoring & Real-time SMS/Voice/Email Notification”
  • Out-of-band (OOB) authentication – “Protect from (MTB/MITM/Trojans) and stolen identity or account credentials”

IT Consulting Solutions

Our personnel provide world-class project management skills, industry expertise and technical know-how to ensure implementation is planned, on time, and on budget. We help organizations plan, design, implement, operate, and manage the right technologies to improve the way they do business.

CI2CD - AQA Suite End-to-End Full Solution
Driven by our AQA Code Scan and TxData Engine products we have the ability to improve your software development efforts. Continuous Improvement, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI2CD)

  • Continuous Improvement - Through continuous Shift-Left Testing, roadblock areas, bottlenecks, and possible performance failures are identified in advance. These discoveries lead to a cycle of improving design alternatives.
  • Continuous Integration – With the automated code scan to review coding practice and the ability to mock up API’s for testing anytime, AQA Suite speeds the flow of development work overall and meet time commitments
  • Continuous Delivery – The ability to create synthetic transaction to test and monitor production and the 24/7 easyNotification allows for a risk free continuous delivery of the product.

IT Staffing Services
We provide recruiting services for all our customers and routinely place our experienced professionals into contract or fulltime positions. We can fill any position at any level, including Project Management, Business Systems Analysis, Database Architecture, and more.

We provide opportunities for the following:

  • Java application development
  • Database Administration
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Infrastructure / Technical Support
  • Project Management / Business Analysis
  • Quality Assurance / Compliance


AQA Synthetic Monitoring
Constantly monitor your business applications and receive alerts in real-time. Our system sends health check requests to a specific server and automates health checks with synthetic transactions.

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AQA Code Scan
An automated code review process which is essential to enforce the quality of the code, reducing the manual code review effort, and ensuring the application developers follow the application architecture.

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AQA easyNotification System
Enables initiation of a real-time phone conversation between a custom phone number and an IVR application via next generation of SIP. This allows automatic phone notification requests to be sent to clients with a dynamic message.

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AQA TxDataEngine
TXDataEngine (TDE) is a unique solution used to assist the software development and testing teams. TxDataEngine provides a virtual API environment to mock and simulate API connections and dependencies.

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AQA SafeGuard Out-of-Band (OOB) Phone Authentication
OOB authentication is the most effective security control method to protect your customers from newly emerging attacks (MITB/MITM/Trojans) and to prevent the use of stolen identities or account credentials.

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AQA Contact Center Custom Software and Applications
Contact Center Integration Suite brings together solutions for Self-Service, easyNotification and Professional Services to help you maximize customer satisfaction, boost ROI, and increase revenue.

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Software Services

Software Support is our commitment to make sure that our software is always working as promised. We have a high degree of experience applying many of the J2EE design patterns and industry best practices to our enterprise applications. When you choose Dawn InfoTek’s Applications Solutions, you benefit from deep technical expertise as well as strong partnerships and industry experience.

Application Monitoring Services

AMS services provided by Dawn Infotek will constantly monitor your critical business applications and alert you as to their health. We work closely with your personnel to make sure that the application is running with peak effieciency, that new testing scripts are developed and tested and that the proper returns are being witnessed. We become your partner in running the applications that AQA target.

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Professional Custom Services

We have a wide array of skills and services to offer our customers. These vast experiences were developed through nearly two decades of custom development work across multiple industries.

Dawn InfoTek Professional Services personnel provide world-class project management skills.

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We provide our clients with qualified and pre-screened personnel to address their business and technical needs. At the same time, we also provide challenging and rewarding employment opportunities for passionate and talented individuals. Our approach is to provide a comfortable and easy hiring experience for both clients and professionals, no matter what your situation is.

Using our database of contacts, our internal team of professionals, and aggressive social media tactics we will find the best candidates for you. We provide pre-screening tests to evaluate technical competencies and applicable background checks for internal and regulatory considerations. We will interview, screen and present the best for the client to select for employment.


We have openings now for talented people

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We provide opportunities for the following:

  • Java application development
  • Database Administration
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Infrastructure / Technical Support
  • Project Management / Business Analysis
  • Quality Assurance / Compliance


Dawn InfoTek partners with the leaders in the Application Management Industry.

We have a “one-click integration” with Industry Leaders, Dynatrace, Splunk and Open Source Consortium ELK. If you have unique implementation questions or concerns, please contact us at sales@dawninfotek.com and we will work to understand your situation and propose a solution.







Royal Bank of Canada


Bank of Montreal

HuaXia Bank

New Partners

If you have a situation that you believe could benefit from our technology and expertise, please let us know. We will be happy to work with you! We can be contacted at sales@dawninfotek.com.


Our people are our greatest asset. We understand that successful international organizations are built on quality people with passion, drive and technical expertise. As such, we are always on the lookout for high calibre individuals who are looking to grow their career.

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