Supply Chain Attacks: Your Cyber Security is Our Priority

As we enter into the era of business digitalization, any organization’s IT infrastructure is facing increasing risk of cyber-attacks. A major cyber breach could have devastating impact on an organization’s operation since critical confidential information such as customer PII and financial data are at stake. Supply chain attacks are on the rise in the past few years due to its evasive nature where cyber criminals target the less secure segment in an organization’s IT infrastructure where vendor service and/or vendor software products are used.

As a leading IT solution provider, our clients’ cyber security has always been one of our top priorities in product development and delivery. Dawn InfoTek Inc. is well informed and well prepared to eliminate the risks of our monitoring product – AQA-STM being targeted as supply chain attack point of breach. Sufficient security measures are in place in terms of both the the SDLC security controls as well as the fundamental solution concepts.

AQA-STM SDLC Security Controls

AQA-STM Solution Concepts